March Madness - South Park: Eek a Penis!

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In a series like South Park, Mr Garrison's sex change was bound to be reversed: The man changes sexualities at the drop of the hat.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit sore the moral of 'Mr Garrison's Fancy New Vagina' was being ignored this episode, but South Park is supposed to be offensive. My views are supposed to be challenged in fresh, exciting ways. Maybe Garrison was just faking being happy bdcause he had no choice.

The problem is that it's also supposed to be funny.

I wish I could say I laughed at 'Eek, A Penis!' but I don't think I laughed once. I got bored watching a mouse with the titular appendage making women scream after the second time. I didn't laugh at the duet. I didn't even laugh at the insanely offensive punchline.

It could be age getting to me, but I just feel that this episode was so weak compared to every other episode.

Review by Greta Rehak


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