REVIEW - The Walking Dead S03E14

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For one week only, the attention of the show switches entirely onto the residents of Woodbury with specific focus on the conflict of interests that Andrea is facing. Other residents also get their moments, but this is an episode that strives to provide Andrea with some much needed character development.

After learning about The Governor’s plan from Milton, Andrea sets off to warn Rick and the group at the prison about an imminent attack. She leads to trouble when The Governor finds out and sets off in hot pursuit.

Elsewhere, Milton’s loyalty is tested and Tyrese faces a crisis of conscience when he witnesses some of the darker aspects of the seemingly picturesque Woodbury.

This proves to be another solid episode that keeps moving pieces into position with just two episodes of the season left. It serves the show well to shift focus off Rick and company for a week and bring some of the other background characters to the fore.

It is an episode that digs into the fa├žade of Woodbury and offer us the chance to see what certain characters are going through and where their loyalties may lie come the season’s end.

There is also further exploration of The Governor’s psyche and an illustration how just how dark a place it has become.

The cast and script certainly maintain the standards of the season so far and there are some truly exceptional effects work on display which help to demonstrate what happens to a zombie when you barbecue it. The results aren’t for the squeamish!

This proves to be another entertaining episode and brings what is certain to be an epic season finale closer into view.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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