REVIEW - The Walking Dead - S03E12

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There is a striking air of familiarity to this latest episode. It is a stripped down, streamlined episode that, in more than one aspect, harks back to season one.

The focus is entirely on Rick, Carl and Michonne as they make a run back into Rick and Carl’s home town in search of supplies, guns and ammunition. The nature of storytelling on display refers back to the simplified nature of the first season that primarily revolved around Rick looking after his family.

There is also the much-anticipated return of a character that played a major part in shaping Rick. Whilst exploring the town, the group encounters Morgan, the man who saved Rick’s life way back in the pilot episode. His reappearance allows Rick to attain some form of resolution to that part of his life as he tries to repay his debt to Morgan and help him confront the realities of the world.

Carl is given the chance to develop and demonstrate how he is becoming a product of the environment that he now founds himself growing up in. A few of Michonne’s layers are also peeled back as she begins to show signs of becoming a fully-fledged member of Rick’s group.

Episodes like this, that feature just a few regular characters, can be hit and miss but this is without doubt one of the best episodes of the season and arguably one of the best in the series’ history. Credit must go to Scott M. Gimple who has delivered a terrific script.

This season continues to go from strength to strength and here’s hoping that it is a level that can be maintained with the season finale only a few episodes away.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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