REVIEW - The Walking Dead - S03E15

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It is the penultimate episode of the season and after last week’s Woodbury focused episode all eyes are back on Rick’s group in the prison as the final pieces are moved into place ahead of the season finale.

The episode revolves around Rick trying to decide the best course of action for the group and whether he can accept The Governor’s offer of sacrificing Michonne to save everyone else. Elsewhere, Daryl and Merle take a look at themselves and how they fit in while Glenn makes a decision about his relationship with Maggie.

During the course of the episode, Merle and Michonne are thrown together and they make for a very watchable pairing as they discuss their respective pasts and how they have changed. There are some very well written and engrossing scenes and the irrepressible Merle, played with great relish by Michael Rooker, is at the heart of everything good about this episode.

This is an episode that features a fairly slow build but it all leads to a highly charged and emotional climax that features the episodes only, yet highly crucial, appearance of The Governor.

The last few episodes have all been about certain characters choosing their sides and making choices that will have consequences come next week’s finale. This has been a high quality season that has gone a long way to restore the faith of disillusioned fans that were disappointed by season 2. Here’s hoping that this season’s final episode can deliver on all the promise and potential that has been developed.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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