The New Normal - REVIEW

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Ryan Murphy has had a lot of success in television over the past few years with hits like Glee and American Horror Story, it is now time for him to turn to the sitcom territory with the New Normal.

The New Normal is the newest comedy on the NBC comedy block, in the style of NBC comedies like 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation and Up All Night.

The comedy is centred around gay couple David & Clay (Jayson Blair and Justin Bartha) who are trying desperately to adopt a child of their own. Fortunately for them Goldie (Georgia King) and her daughter Shania (BeBe Wood) are living with her grandmother played by Ellen Barking, a racist homophobe who has a tight grip on her great-grandaughters life.

Finding a balance between 6 diverse and crazy characters is no easy feat, and as proven with Glee Murphy manages to find the perfect blend of characters. Intertwining some socially confronting subjects and mixing them with comedy is a fine line and this show manages to find a happy medium in between the two.

The New Normal has already premiered online, you can watch it below, look out for new episodes on September 11 on NBC.


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