Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 9

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Burn Notice


This week sees the search for Nate’s killer begin to make headway as the Michael and the team track the sniper to a PMC –Private Military Corporation – called The Pryon Group. However this as per usual involves a slight detour from the plan when the CIA turns up demanding Fiona’s cooperation on behalf of the deal she signed to get out of prison.

Oh for those who are trying to jump into the season midway I’d recommend going back and watching from the start, but recap in 60 seconds? I’ll try. Michael reaches out to his old training officer Tom Card (Played by the amazing Dr Cox I might add) to see if he can get the CIA’s help in exonerating Fi over the bombing that Anson framed her for. Card says yes and makes a deal with the higher ups on Michael’s & Fiona’s behalf, however the clincher is that they have to catch Anson, what a surprise right?

Michael goes after Rebecca, remember her? Tried to kill Jesse? Well they catch up with her and after the shenanigans are over she cooperates with the team on the proviso they rescue her brother from Anson’s evil clutches which of course Michael Weston being the Super Spy he is, gets done.

Rebecca gives up Anson and the CIA go after Anson. Pierce, Jesse, Michael, couple of CIA henchmen and for some reason Nate head off to capture the Arch Villain himself! After Anson has paranoid moment and sends in a hooker to get his documents thereby fooling Michael’s brilliant plan, Mike is forced to call Nate – who conveniently isn’t at the “sting” and is at of course a casino, incidentally where Anson is – to go after Anson.

Nate captures Anson after clobbering him over the back of the head with a pistol, calls his brother and just as Mike and crew in turn up to take Anson into custody he’s shot by a sniper who also kills Nate with the same bullet.

Thus the search for Nate’s killer began; now back to the current episode!

Whilst the plot progression of Burn Notice is getting a little old I still find myself enthralled every week, but hey there’s explosions, attractive girls, fast cars, a crazed gunman, spies and of course the murder mystery plot arc surrounding Nate’s shooting.

So with the CIA turning up and ruining the best laid plans the 4 musketeers have to split up, Sam & Jesse head off to the PMC’s training ground after to find out the identity of our unknown assassin whilst Mike provides backup for Fiona on her agency job. That’s the episode in a nutshell really.

Jeffery Donovan continues to be brilliant as Super Spy Michael Weston and that performance is worthy of being watched but as the series progresses season after season I begin to compare it to my fears when I originally heard about the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  I remember saying is it going to be a film about Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow just doing cool shit for 2hrs? Is this what the future for Burn Notice holds? 

Still it’s worth a watch. I’ll be reviewing this next week for sure.



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