Grimm: The New Season

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 1. 


Aired 13/8/12

For those who haven't seen it yet, there's a sneak peek of the episode at the bottom of the review if you're still reading

Well it’s Season 2 and they’ve started the series off with well this new episode. It did everything they needed to do after last season’s finale. As well as introducing the next over riding story arc.
The new episode starts off just before the last one ended, with a cargo ship coming into Portland with a new Vesen threat for Nick to deal with. We saw The Woman in Black take down Akira Kimura –the one responsible for the death of Nick’s parents – the Woman reveals herself to be Nick’s mother Kelly Burkhardt & then bam!

They launch into the new opening sequence which I quite liked, fits in with the show a little more considering the show is based off the Grimm Fairy tales. The whole “There once was a man who” line fits perfectly.
So in this episode we find out what’s wrong with the Juliette, whether or not Nick & his mother kill Akira, what the hell the deal is with that key, what’s in the cargo ship and find out why Nick’s mother didn’t tell him she was alive!

So apparently Adalind despite no longer having any powers left after Nick grimm’d her, has still managed to poison Juliette with a zaubertrank called l'esprit ailleurs or Spirit Elsewhere for those who prefer English. This then prompts a series of events which ends up with Nick barging into Mother Hexenbiest’s house to threaten her, probably my favourite scene in the episode.

The other part that I absolutely loved was Kelly filling Nick in on the key and the history of the Grimm’s and how they’re interrelated. The plot is so tightly interwoven with everything else, it was perfect.

Which leads onto the new vesen nasty that our *Two* Grimms have to deal with. First Impression? The guy’s beast form looks like the love child of Darth Maul and a saber tooth tiger which when you think about it is pretty awesome.

Although this episode was pretty light on the action, all the plot and dialogue more than made up for it. The next episode comes out on the 20th of August, US time.

I’ll be waiting with baited breath to see what happens next.

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