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Sunday ratings are in! Some good, some not so good! Once Upon A Time still proves to be a winner with 11 million viewers on the debut of season 2. Revenge pulled 9.5 and 666 Park Avenue debuted lower than expected with 6.97.

Animation shows held their own with The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad rating high in their timeslots.

Check out the full report below

Broadcast primetime ratings for Sunday, September 30, 2012:
TimeNetShow18-49 Rating/ShareViewers (Millions)
7:00FOXNFL Football Overrrun - Live7.8/2220.31
NBCFootball Night in America Part 1 - Live1.9/65.78
CBS60 Minutes (Season Premiere)1.8/511.53
ABCOnce Upon A Time (Clip Show)1.8/56.00
7:30NBCFootball Night in America Part 2 - Live2.8/87.80
8:00NBC Football Night in America Part 3 - Live6.2/1616.75
ABCOnce Upon A Time (Season Premiere)3.8/1011.01
FOXThe Simpsons (Season Premiere)3.7/107.97
CBSThe Amazing Race (Season Premiere)2.5/69.70
8:30NBCNFL Football Live (8:30-11PM)8.1/1920.56
FOXBob's Burgers (Season Premiere)2.5/65.40
9:00FOXFamily Guy (Season Premiere)3.3/86.53
ABCRevenge (Season Premiere)3.2/79.50
CBSThe Good Wife (Season Premiere)1.8/49.81
9:30FOXAmerican Dad (Season Premiere)2.5/65.23
10:00ABC666 Park Avenue (Series Premiere)2.2/56.97
CBSThe Mentalist (Season Premiere)2.1/510.83
Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.


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