Review - The Walking Dead S03E03

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There are already encouraging signs of a sense of momentum being built up in these early episodes of season 3. There is certainly an indication the writers have learned from their perceived mistakes of the past and are keeping the characters, and the audience, on their toes and not allowing a malaise to set in.

This week’s episode takes the risky step of moving the focus away from Rick’s group of survivors but that doesn’t mean it isn’t another piece of gripping television. In fact, the change of scenery and new characters aid the show in not falling into the repetition trap that let down season 2.

Instead, we spend the episode in the company of Andrea and Michonne. This proves a valuable opportunity to re-connect with Andrea and learn more about Michonne, as the two have been restricted to minor scenes so far this season. We are able to gauge more about their relationship over the past few months and start to gain more of an insight into the character of Michonne.

The episode begins with a spectacular helicopter crash and works hard not to let up from there. David Morrissey makes his much anticipated first appearance as The Governor, a character who is a firm fan’s favourite from the comics and the early signs are promising regarding his casting. His performance neatly balances the two sides of the character’s persona, meaning his motivations are never quite clear and leaves plenty of room for exploration. It is an intriguing performance as there are obvious parallels to be drawn with the shows other main leadership figure, Rick himself.

There is another character who makes a welcome reappearance and will provide plenty for the writers to work with over the course of future episodes.

As always the effects and make-up are exceptional, particularly for a soldier who is not quite all himself.

To sum up, this is another impressive episode. The interplay between characters is good and we get to chew over a few theories regarding the zombies. Everything is nicely set up for a return to Rick’s group next week and leaves us feverishly awaiting the inevitable encounter between the groups and their indomitable leaders.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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