REVIEW - The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1: "Seed"

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After the somewhat lacklustre second season, The Walking Dead needed to produce something special to begin its third season. The show’s makers were constricted during the second season due to their budget, but have pulled out all the stops for this season premiere to ensure any doubts about the show are case aside.

At the end of last season’s finale, we left the survivors at a literal and figurative crossroads. After fleeing the farm, the group had nowhere to go and Rick had to step up to take a firmer grasp as leader. We pick up a few months later, with Lori now heavily pregnant and weary from the constant moving that has been necessary to evade the ever increasing hordes of “Walkers”. After discovering a seemingly perfect fortress in the shape of a prison, Rick and the survivors must battle their way through the building to reach what, Rick hopes, could be their sanctuary.

The previous season received a lot of heavy criticism from fans for its lack of action, a criticism that certainly can’t be leveled at this opening episode. There is plenty of zombie action to keep you firmly rooted on the edge of your seat. Praise must also also go out to Greg Nicotero, the genius behind the make-up and special effects, for more exceptional work in an episode that will probably go down as some of the finest in the series so far. This is especially relevant for some particularly gory moments and memorable sequences. The effects and design of the zombies have become the hallmark which separates this series from so many other zombie related movies and shows.

Amongst all the action, there is still breathing space for the more tender, character driven moments. A number of pairings have formed within the group and each of these has their own moment in the spotlight to remind us what has been left ticking over from the last season and to wonder what developments might lie ahead. We also our first proper introduction to fan favourite character Michonne, who was briefly glimpsed in the final scenes of the season two finale.

Andrew Lincoln, as Rick, carries most of the weight of the episode as he continues to try and lead the group into a safer environment. There is a darker more driven side to Rick’s character on display, primarily as a consequence of his actions in the season two finale and as a result of the responsibility he has taken on for the group.

The episode finishes with a thrilling climax and tantalising cliffhanger that is sure to leave you, much like the eponymous walkers, clawing at the walls for the next episode.

Review by Jonathan Gray


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