REVIEW - The X Factor USA S02E01

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Talent show's are back with a vengeance and this year the X Factor USA is taking no prisoners. Armed with superstar judges Simon Cowell, LA Reid, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, the talent quest will clearly be a frontrunner for ratings and will draw a crowd based on these judges alone.

Episode 1 saw the introduction of the judges and how they interact, they all seem to get along ok and not of it felt forced or contrived.

Once the actual show began so did the fireworks, it was so different watching a show like X Factor compared to the Voice, this is clearly marketed towards a younger demographic and the cattiness of contestants was amusing to watch among the singing.

Demi Lovato had an up close and personal encounter with a contestant who like herself had been bullied, her emotional song and story was teary to watch and captivating.

Britney Spears proved that she is a cut-throat judge, taking a no holds barred approach with the attitude of "If they aren't good I am going to tell them, they have to hear it from someone" This made for an extremely amusing episode focused around Spears and Lovato as they find their feet in the judging game.

The X Factor USA will be shown 2 nights a week. Check out the highlight video below


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