REVIEW Guys With Kids S01E01 - NBC

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Guys With Kids is another new NBC comedy written by Jimmy Fallon and starring Jesse Bradford, Anthony Anderson and Zach Cregger.

The show is focused around the three male leads as stay at home dads who just like their children have not grown up.

The pilot episode is an introduction to the three male leads and what their lives have become, all about their children.

The humour is derived from stereotypical dad and child dramas and is about as un-interesting as the title suggests. Hopefully this will pick up in future episodes.

Chris (Jesse Bradford) is a divorcee with a child, he is living alone and struggling with an overbearing ex wife who doesn't want him to be happy.

Gary (Anthony Anderson) is a father of 4 and while his loving wife works he is the stay at home dad struggling with his identity (really?)

Nick (Zach Cregger) hasn't really revealed too much apart from having issues communicating with his working wife and being irresponsible.

It is hard to judge a pilot episode as we have seen with some they do get much better (Happy Endings) but it could all fall flat on its face. The second episode airs tonight



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