REVIEW - The New Normal S01, E04 "Obama Mama"

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The New Normal takes a new (cough cough) turn this week, so far we have seen the gender, gay marriage and child adoption played out and it was only a matter of time before it turned political.

Bryan and David are attending more and more school events with Shania to really grasp just how this child thing works with schooling etc. They attend Shania's school where they are holding a mock vote, similar to the upcoming US Election.

Bryan and David discover that Goldie is voting for Cheyney and not Obama and set out trying to convince her that she is wrong. After getting wind of this Jane steps in and challenges the boys beliefs and says that they are racist for not having black friends.

The boys hold a staged dinner party with black actors posing as their friends to put on a good facade. This is the first time that we get a good look into the life of Jane and why she is the way she is. We see flashbacks to her childhood, campaigning for Nixon as a teenager in an amusing flashback.

At the end of the episode when Jane discovers that this is all for show the boys are forced to look at their own lives and realise that they need to vote for the person that represents all of their beliefs, not just one. It is a very powerful and important message that turns the show into serious territory this week.

Still this show is worth every second and I look forward to regular hilarity programming next week.

Review by Arrow


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