REVIEW The New Normal - S01E02

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The New Normal is NBC's answer to ABC's hit comedy Modern Family, the difference is The New Normal is very political and in your face which unfortunately may turn some viewers away.

In Episode 2 the story continues as Shania is accused of drawing an imitation of Clay's facial expressions on his antique leather lounge. Clay decides to deal with the situation himself due to his impending fatherhood and results in forming a bond with the british impersonator.

Meanwhile Goldie gets successfully impregnated and Clay and David attempt to re-kindle their relationship at a club and realise that starting a family means moving on from the party/club lifestyle they used to be a part of.

This episode echoes how many feel about gay people becoming parents, the constant media and societal image of club and image obsessed drug users doesn't depict people that would be ideal parents and this show is doing a great job of depicting that.

That being said Ryan Murphy's in your face and often confrontational characters still play in this episode with Ellen Barkin providing the laughs as the Grandmother is funny but at times very politically incorrect.

This show seems to be getting funnier and more interesting with each episode. The ratings are good for an NBC show and should strengthen as the show finds it place in the NBC comedy register.


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