REVIEW - Burn Notice - SERIES FINALE - S07E13

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How do I even begin to describe this episode? It was heart breaking. Beautiful. Cyclical. Emotional. Brilliant. You will definitely cry.
This week's episode ended the era that was burn notice. Seven amazing seasons with incredible plots, and it seemed as if the writers had been planning everything meticulously to culminate and fall into place during this final episode.
There were cheeky little reminders of how it all started, with familiar lines and relationships. There were sacrifices and second chances. There was humor and the strengthening of friendships.
Micheal’s original characteristics that define him so well return, however, so does an immediate death wish. He is broken, feeling guilty, ashamed and worthless, and it seems to the point where he can never come back.
Michael is then given the ultimate second chance, a chance that came at the ultimate price. It is at this point that Michael breaks out of his death stupor, and his cunning and will to live pours out of him in his attempts to get rid of James once and for all.
As James attempts to use everyone that Michael loves against him, even 3-year-old little Charlie, Madeline’s strength and devotion to her children shines through. The regrets she has obviously felt surrounding the issue of her late husband, and her urge to protect them, accumulates into one act of pure love.


Sam, Jesse and Fi continue to relentlessly support Michael and his family, and towards the very end of the episode, there is a slight window left open for a possible spin of as Jesse and Sam carry on the legend of Micheal’s amazing work with the citizens of Miami.
Michael and Fiona realise the obvious fact that they are supposed to be together, and decide that if they are going to go down, they are going down fighting, and together.
The episode then comes in a wonderful full circle, as Michael asks Fiona what he supposed to tell little Charlie of his past when he is older. Fi's reply is to tell him the truth. She says, “Start with: My name is Michael Weston. I used to be a spy...”
The loyalty of the audience and they way this show hooks anyone who watches it really is a testament to the people behind the scenes, particularly the writers. This show has engaged and entertained so many people over its seven seasons, and it sure is sad to see it go.

Review by Emma Laarkamp


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