REVIEW - How I Met Your Mother - S09E04 - ‘The Broken Code’

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This week’s How I Met Your Mother is all about friends... or a lack of friends... or how simply to be a good friend...

Barney replaces Ted as his best man with (guest star) William Zabka because he is angry that Ted held Robin’s hand two weeks previously. Ted tries his best to get reinstated, but this may not happen when he lets slip to Barney that he does still have feelings for Robin...

It was good to see Zabka again, but even better to see Ted become his nemesis. This could make for an amusing plot in a later episode, and I am looking forward to what the writers are cooking up.

Meanwhile Lily confronts Robin about not having any female friends, and encourages her to try and make one before Lily goes to Rome. Of course this is easier said than done, as Robin seems to hate every woman she sees.

This was an average episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was good to see ‘Marshpillow 2.0’ interacting with everyone (instead of just Daphne), but I feel the show will benefit from his arrival in the flesh. I am not naive enough to think he will be here soon, it will be several more episodes at least, unless they time jump forward a few hours. Regardless, I will continue watching to see how everything pans out.

Review by Heather Bale.


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