REVIEW - The Big Bang Theory - S07E03 - ‘The Scavenger Vortex’

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In one of the funniest episodes of The Big Bang Theory I have seen in a while, the gang compete in a scavenger hunt designed by Raj.

After nobody attends Raj’s murder mystery party, they agree to do whatever it is he wants next. He suggests a scavenger hunt - not the traditional kind that involves searching for a list of items, but the kind done at elite universities which requires the participants to solve a series of puzzles to complete the challenge.

Not wanting to be saddled with Penny (the “liability”), Leonard suggests they draw names out of a hat. What ensues is a delightful ‘getting to know you’ kind of episode, where each character is paired with someone they normally would not hang out with: Amy and Howard; Bernadette and Leonard; and (somewhat predictably, but it’s okay, it’s always gold seeing these two together) Penny and Sheldon.

The highlight of this episode was definitely seeing Amy and Howard singing Neil Diamond together (multiple times!). I never picked those two as having anything in common (which is something the writers play with to start with), but once they clicked it was brilliant. I’m not saying I want to see these two hanging out together in every episode from now on, but it would be nice to see them together every so often as they have amazing on-screen chemistry.

About the only thing I can fault with this episode is Leonard moping when he thinks he has offended Penny, but Bernadette’s method of spurring him into action more than makes up for this.

Last week I was lamenting about the declining quality of The Big Bang Theory - consider those concerns gone! If the seasons continues with episodes nearly half as good as this one I will be satisfied.

Review by Heather Bale.


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